Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silk Shantung Dress

Draping this dress today just for fun. It's not sewn yet, still being draped. I love how it turned out, it has drama to it. The fabric is deep navy couture silk shantung. For those ...who don't know what silk shantung is, it's like silk dupioni married to silk taffeta and had a baby, lol, that's what silk shantung looks and feels like. Just GORG!!! Anyone interested in this dress, feel free to contact me.

Pink and Grey Knit Dress

Wow, I haven't update this blog in a while. I've been super busy. Anyway, just want to give updates to everyone. I was just draping this dress a couple of days ago. It is made out of pink and grey knit fabric, so it is super comfy, and if you want to dress it up just add a belt. This is not sewn yet. I can make it custom to your size. I can also put a strap on the right shoulder to make it bra friendly. Going to list this on my Etsy shop for $200 (knee-length) and $250 (floor-length). If you purchase this now, you will receive $100 off ($100 for knee-length, and $150 for floor-length). Turn around time if you order it today is only 7 days. Contact me if interested (before I am tempted to take this for my self :) ) .