Monday, February 25, 2008

Challenge Update

O.K, few days ago I challenged my self to make a set of boy's garments to make my skills grow and add in in to my repertoir. Well, here's the update. I made a pair of pants, they are still half done as you see here. They are made out of Giorgio Armani fabric, the color is actually softer than the one shown here, the flash on the camera made it look much stronger and brighter, I hate flash!

Well anyway, here's the front and back part. Yeah baby, you see it right, those are bound pocket on the back part of the pants. It took few practices to get it nice and neat and crisp. But I did it, yaaayyy! The whole pants can probably be done in a day or two, but since I'm taking care of 3 kids, it will take me 2 weeks :).

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