Sunday, July 6, 2008

Order Update, Client: Christine

Hi Christine,

The garment is done and packaged in George Gabrielle Couture's new earth friendly bag or pouch. This bag is made out of natural fiber down to the cord which is made out of 100% natural hemp.

Just like when we buy high end bag like Louis Vuitton, etc, they always include the dust cover. And that's what gives me the idea to create this packaging pouch/bag. So instead using paper bag and tissue papers, like I used to, that we're going to throw away anyway, I decided to use this one. That way less trash in this world :).

Anyway, your garment is all packaged and ready to ship. It will be on its way to you tomorrow morning and it should be there in about 2 - 3 days from Monday. I will send you the confirmation number later on today.

Thank you once again and comeback anytime :).

Your designer,

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