Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Fabric for 2008 Collection Arrived

Just got my fabric from New York today. They will be for my 2008 collection and I am sooooo excited. The fabrics are just gorgeous, I wish I could have a close-up photo of them.

The pale green one is linen by Giorgio Armani, it is sooooo nice and soft. The red one is Crinkled Cotton Gauze by Michael Kors, I really love how rich the red color in this fabric. And finally the pale blue-grey lilac crepe is by Vera Wang, it is so soft and flowy, perfect for a dress. All fabrics are made in Italy.

Soooo looking forward to work on these fabrics and put them on my website. Hopefully I can finish a set or two by the end of this year and put them up in my website and auctions early part of January.

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