Monday, May 25, 2009

Order Update, Client: Natasha

Order update for Natasha. I'm using a brand new tee to make the dress form fits to your measurements. I have draped some muslin to make the front and back bodice. It's still rough, I need to even out the necklines, waist, etc. I have added seam allowence for the back pattern. Now I need to work on the front pattern. There will be a seam in the center front because the silk organza will be 45" wide. If it was 60" (if there's such a thing as 60" wide organza) I probably could make the whole bodice in one pattern.

After the bodice pattern is done, I will do the skirt. A colleague of mine who specialize in bridal and costuming adviced me to eliminate the corset because the style of the back bodice doesn't allow for a corset foundation. I will still use the bra you're sending me for fitting of the bodice.

Will post more pics in a few days. Your fabrics should arrive in a few days, I have called my supplier in NY last week and place an order of silk organza.

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