Monday, June 1, 2009

Order Update, Client: Natasha

Order update for Natasha. I'm finished making the pattern and now putting the dress together. I still need to connect the shoulder seams, baste the flounce (the seams on the flounce will be under the flounce and not outside like the pic above), the ribbon is temporary, the real ribbon will be slightly wider than the one on the pic, I need to put the zipper in, stitch the lining, and do some tucks here and there. Oh yeah, my dress form doesn't have hip, lol, so the hip on the dress looks saggy, but it should be fine when you try it on.

After I finish with it, I will send it to you to be fitted and let me know if the fit is O.K. The muslin dress is not hemmed yet, I think when you try it on just mark it with the pencil where you want the hem to end.

The finish dress will have a waist stay inside and a corselette (not corset), it's just a fancy term for boned foundation, to make sure everything stay the way it should be. And the flounce will be supported with skewed ruffle underneath, it will be invisible from outside and it is meant to give the flounce some support so that it won't be flimsy.

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