Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sneak Peek Fashion Republic's Fashion Week Launch

Here's another sneak peek for another launch, this time is for the modeling group I created. We're having "Fashion Week" launch from Oct. 20th - Nov. 3rd to showcase our new models.

I fell in love with this fabric the first time I saw it. It is pale lime Giorgio Armany Fabric, made in Italy, and it is the best and most luxurious linen I've ever touched in my life. I used Amy Butler's coriander fabric to make the fern applique. We all know that linen is natural fiber, so I thought the fern will add an organic feel to it. And my photographer shot this with the woods background, and makes the dress feels much more earthy, thanks Angela!

The dress' silhouette is pretty clean and simple. Inspired by one of my favorite actresses of all time Audrey Hepburn. It feels a bit vintage but very updated. Super versatile and can be worn anytime anywhere, and for any age. To schools, parties, malls, etc, and pair it with tights, leggings, pants, etc.

This dress will be custom made from size 2 - 7. And as usual bigger size is always available with additional fee. If you want to get this dress, feel free to contact me. Fabric is very limited, and once it's gone, this garment will not be recreated anymore.

Thank you to my beautiful model Maiya and her photographer mom Angela for modeling and taking pics of this piece.

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