Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneak Peek The Boutique Lounge Launch

This is a sneak peek of my garment I'm going to use on TBL launch on Oct 27th. This piece is an update of my vintage chic line. I made a retro inspired dress early this year, and it was very popular, evertime I listed it, it was sold. So I decided to update the silhouette a bit, and instead using solid colors I used print. And I LOVE this powder blue damask print. I also LOVE white, to me it always compliments and pops any colors in a chic way. So I used the solid white on the ruffled yoke.

The faux buttons are made out of sky blue velvety beads. It has invisible side pockets that blend with the side seams, and the dress has a zipper closure on the back. It is lined with 100% cotton for comfort.

It is a shirtdress so it is very versatile, can be worn anywhere, with anything, and for any age. To schools, parties, malls, etc, and pair it with tights, leggings, pants, shorts, etc. Will be custom made from size 2 - 7. Bigger sizes is available upon request, please contact me first for a quote for bigger sizes.

If you'd like to have this dress before it is listed on Oct. 27th, feel free to contact me too :)

Thank you to my beautiful model Laycee and her photographer mom Gillian for modeling and taking pics of this piece.

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