Monday, October 15, 2007

Next Design and Fabric Swatches

This will be my next design. It will be a jacket and dress. The jacket will be made out of 100% red cotton twill and the dress will be made out of deep green microsuede embroidered with orange yarn in flowers pattern. Both colors are very rich but yet very earthy.

Hopefully I can finish the set before Nov. 1st. I will make one as "one of a kind" first, size 5. I already made the pattern and cut the red fabric. I haven't sew it yet, I will make the pattern for the dress tonight and tomorrow.

I still have bunch of new fabrics, but I doubt I will be able to work on them pretty soon. Hopefully in few more weeks I will be able to do it. My spring and summer collection will have a little bit of both French and Mediterranian touch and will be inspired a lot by my favorite designer, the super chic Oscar de la Renta.

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